Invent your own cocktail and win a

Free Cocktail Party at The Grapes.


To support the BOA "Outer Space" Arts Festival we're running an intergalactic competition to devise a truly cosmic cocktail list of the towns choice. 


just devise your own spirited drink, give it a glamorous space inspired name and email the details to before the close of business on Wednesday 31 August. Don't forget to include precise measures and your specific presentation instructions, what sort of glass? And is there a garnish? plus of course your contact details.


On the evening of Thursday 1st September the shortlisted drinks will be prepared in The Grapes and judged by a select panel of customers. If you'd like to be among the judges then sign up to our mailing list here and you could be chosen to sample the creations!

In terms of ingredients, if we have it on the shelves at The Grapes then you can use it in your creation. Boldly go, where no vodka has gone before....