"From their grapes to our Grapes" Our short wine list is imported directly into Bradford on Avon from small scale producers in South West France. We know the story inside each bottle, in fact Peter even assisted the harvest of the Oiseau! Many are organic, some are even bio-dynamic - all are delicious and great value since there's no middle-man taking a margin.  
We also have a small but perfectly formed cocktail list, made with the same care and attention as our food while on the pumps we offer a range of local beers, cask ales and an ever developing Craft Beer range on keg. 
Don’t forget our fabulous coffee, roasted by Extract in Bristol, teas from the Canton Tea Company and West Coast Hot Chocolates from New Zealand.

And if none of that hits the right note today then maybe you're in need of a glass of Pineau. Ask Cameron to pour you a large one!