The Grapes is a collaboration between five friends with one thing in common - another life spent amid the vines of South West France. Andrew and Anna Barwick own and run Chateau Rigaud, where Steve Carss has been Head Chef for the past six years. Debrah Smith and Peter Woodcock own and run 42 Rue Victor Hugo, down in the Languedoc. Together we've eaten more duck and drunk more wine than is sensible or good for us and it was exceedingly delicious! The Grapes is about bringing all the best bits of South West France back home. We're importing our favourite wines directly from the vineyards that produce them and serving them with dishes that were inspired by our favourite restaurants and food memories of the past twelve years, many of which are cooked in rustic French style, over wood. And to cap it off there's even a bit of French retail thrown in. Ooh La La!